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Umbrella is very useful to us. Primarily umbrella protect us from rain and sunlight. An umbrella also helps to regulate temperature of our body both in rain and sunlight. In a sunny day umbrella protect us from ultraviolet radiation of the sun as well as heat.  There are many colors and sizes of umbrellas in a shop. There are red color umbrella, black color umbrella, violet color umbrella, big umbrella, small umbrella, mini umbrella, automatic folding umbrella, ultraviolet ray protected umbrella, inverted umbrella to satisfy the needs of the buyer.

   Ultraviolet ray protected Wind Control Semi Automatic Folding Umbrella 

We use umbrella to protect us from sun light and rain fall. Weather may be windy, rainy or stormy. Ultra violet ray of the sun is also harmful for us. The Ultraviolet ray protected semi automatic folding umbrella can protect us not only from ultra violet ray of sun but also from rain, wind and storm. Ii’s a smart choice of a ultra smart buyers.

  • Semi  automatic umbrella Black plastic sunscreen hit cloth.
  • ‘Lotus leaf ‘ water repellent technology
  • Light weight support, strong support Round polished umbrella bead
  • Octagonal rod, solid wind resistant
  • Matte rubber paint round handle
  • UV black umbrella cloth
  • Can be used in rain, spring  and summer

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Inverted Umbrella Double Layer Wind Protected

inverted umbrella

We generally open an umbrella while raining going out of the office , home or car. Thus we have to wet a bit by rain eater.  For opening an umbrella we have to go in front of it. But while opening this inverted umbrella we do no require to go in front of the umbrella to open it. We can ope invert umbrella from inside our house office or car just before footing our step on the rainy road.  We can simply get in our car get in our home without being wet from the rain.Furthermore as outer side of this umbrella is always dry, we can keep it anywhere while outside on rainy day.
Other Properties
*Inverted Umbrella
*Carbon fiber & Aluminium alloy Ribbon
*High density water resistant
*Wind resistant
*Men/Women Umbrella
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