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Vegetable And Fruit Slicer


4 in one vegetable & Fruit Slicer

4 in 1 Vegetable & Fruit Slicer can slice, dice and grate vegetables to different globules, shape, size, and dice. It uses One Small Hole Grater for using to make and dice vegetables from fine to finest to give the vegetables a more scenic and nicer view. Which we believe in tern will definitely reflect our mind and body to a heavenly pleasure.
This Slicer Dicer and grater has one thick and one thin Slice drum to slice vegetables from thin to thinnest. Further these two thin and thick slicer drums slice fruits and vegetables (Seed should be separated before hand) to different form of size for different uses. Furthermore this vegetable slicer made of ABS Food Grade Plastic materials. Blades are made of stainless steel. This fruit slicer has a vacuum base with a locking system to help the vegetable slicer to fix firmly on its base. So that it can’t move or shake while it is slicing or dicing vegetables and fruits.  It is a most wanted and beneficial kitchen product.
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A  Laptop table for a laptop is a must.  A laptop table should be of right size and height. It is required to handle laptop easily suitable and pleasing way.  Generally when we work for a long time on a laptop, we may feel uneasy. Our brain, hand, eys may feel discomfort. But if laptop and keypad can be placed on a suitable height and it is of suitable size then only these problem can be minimized.  Furthermore it is observed that when a laptop get wormed while on work it may start working slowly or may become auto stopped worrying us most.This also can be solved  if we have a cooling Fan which will cool the laptop while we are working on it.

laptop table

Hopefully T9 Multi functional Laptop Table has a best large cooling Fan  suitably adjusted with the table. Further it has a rightly placeable  mouse pad ..
Moreover this T9 MULTI FUNCTIONAL LAPTOP TABLE has high strength ABS Plastic joint, it can be easily adjusted, rotated  to a convenient position. This laptop table can be fold easily and can be carried to any where if required.  The Multi functional laptop table with mouse pad and cooling fan is most useful and ideal for a Laptop user.

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Umbrella is very useful to us. Primarily umbrella protect us from rain and sunlight. An umbrella also helps to regulate temperature of our body both in rain and sunlight. In a sunny day umbrella protect us from ultraviolet radiation of the sun as well as heat.  There are many colors and sizes of umbrellas in a shop. There are red color umbrella, black color umbrella, violet color umbrella, big umbrella, small umbrella, mini umbrella, automatic folding umbrella, ultraviolet ray protected umbrella, inverted umbrella to satisfy the needs of the buyer.

   Ultraviolet ray protected Wind Control Semi Automatic Folding Umbrella 

We use umbrella to protect us from sun light and rain fall. Weather may be windy, rainy or stormy. Ultra violet ray of the sun is also harmful for us. The Ultraviolet ray protected semi automatic folding umbrella can protect us not only from ultra violet ray of sun but also from rain, wind and storm. Ii’s a smart choice of a ultra smart buyers.

  • Semi  automatic umbrella Black plastic sunscreen hit cloth.
  • ‘Lotus leaf ‘ water repellent technology
  • Light weight support, strong support Round polished umbrella bead
  • Octagonal rod, solid wind resistant
  • Matte rubber paint round handle
  • UV black umbrella cloth
  • Can be used in rain, spring  and summer

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Inverted Umbrella Double Layer Wind Protected

inverted umbrella

We generally open an umbrella while raining going out of the office , home or car. Thus we have to wet a bit by rain eater.  For opening an umbrella we have to go in front of it. But while opening this inverted umbrella we do no require to go in front of the umbrella to open it. We can ope invert umbrella from inside our house office or car just before footing our step on the rainy road.  We can simply get in our car get in our home without being wet from the rain.Furthermore as outer side of this umbrella is always dry, we can keep it anywhere while outside on rainy day.
Other Properties
*Inverted Umbrella
*Carbon fiber & Aluminium alloy Ribbon
*High density water resistant
*Wind resistant
*Men/Women Umbrella
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We have to purchase Popcorn, Chocolate, Cotton Candy(Haoae Mitha), Muffin(Small Round Cake) from shops or Roadside Shops. They are not always of good standard or healthy. But if we could make it at home. It would be more healthy and testy. We and our children can eat it without question. Electric popcorn machine, Electric roti maker, Cotton candy maker, and Electric muffin maker etc. have brought such a good environment for us. We can get it from online shop.


pop machine

Everyone from old to child like popcorn. But popcorn are not always available. Now we can make popcorn at home using popcorn making machine. Using pop corn machine we can pop our corns and distribute it then and then.
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cotton candy maker

Cotton Candy(Hawaii Mitha) is a testy candy. Everybody loves it. It is generally prepared by the roadside in a unhealthy atmosphere. The ingredients that are mixed specially color are most unhealthy and injurious to health. Children love this cotton candy. To satisfy our child we have to buy this knowing all this bad effects and thus doing some harm them. We can avoid them by collecting a cotton candy maker being at home
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Magic Flexible Plastic Hose Pipe


Magic Plastic Hose Pipe is used for watering garden. This hose pipe is also used for washing wall, floor, car and windows. This magic hose pipe expands to its maximum length when water passes through it. Generally it stays shrink to its minimum. So this magic flexible plastic hose pipe is essential for all to keep home.
Magic Plastic Hosepipe

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KITCHEN has become a most important place in our life. We are all dependent on food and most of us are food lover. Almost all the foods are made in a kitchen. Therefore a kitchen is a most adorable place of a family. Food making is not a easy thing. It’s a tedious, laborious, tired some mostly done female. They are our near and dear one. WE can help to get a bit rid from these hard work with accommodation of modern kitchen there


Nima Electric grinder & blender

Nima Electric Grinder & Blender is a electrically operated with Stainless Steel Cutting Blade is a most important kitchen gadget.  This Blender and Grinder has double safety features. This Grinder is ideal for grinding all kinds of dry spices (onion, garlic. zinger, dry pepper, etc) and Coffee excepting Turmeric. This electrical blending is also used for blending vegetable and fruits to extract juices. This Electric Grinder & Blender is strong, long lasting gadget.  As spices are required daily in a kitchen this item can help one to save time and from hard labor.
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capsule cutter

Electric Meat crusher, Meat Grinder

Capsule cutter quatre electric machine is strong build. This electric meat grinder has  sufficient power to crush grind Meat, make meat kima , crash sea food ,crash or slice meat,  fruit , vegetables, sea food, crush  Rock ice, Dry food.  Capsule Cutter helps to make Italian Ice Cream, dessert, Sauce dressing, soup making, shake Cocktail making, Frozen Cocktail etc by cutting, pasting, mixing and crushing their ingredients.Therefore also use as electric food slicer. To know how to use capsule cutter please follow the operation instruction kept within the product package, if purchased. Capsule Cutter is ideal for:
Meat, Onion, garlic, fruit Cutting and Chopping
Paste Mix fruits and vegetable
Crush and powder Rock Ice

Process Meat, fruit, vegetable, spices, Frozen Food. Dry Food, Sea Food etc.
Multi Functional Food Processor
Electric Meat Grinder Slicer & Fruit vegetable slicer Juicer & paste
*Cut and Chop * Paste ans Mix *Crush and Powder

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Electric Shaving Machine

Now a days Trimmer are widely used for hair cut, shaving, under arm cleaning. Trimmer is also used for cleaning under arms, undesirable hair from any part of the body. Ten to fifteen shaving  is enough to balance the cost of the trimmer. One had tom wait a longer time in a saloon to get his serial for his hair cut or shaving. Furthermore their is a chance of cutting any place of the body while shaving or any other thing like this with blade. Therefore gents trimmer & ladies trimmer is time saving, cost effective and mostly save. Our online shop has brought different Trimmers both for gents ladies. Rechargeable trimmer

Gents Trimmer

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Trimmer for gents can safely be used for clean shaving and for shaving unwanted hair from the body. As shaving and cleaning hair from a hair cutting saloon is time consuming & hence most tedious one. One can’t keep him/herself neat and clean always. With this rechargeable Trimmer for gent & Trimmer for ladies while at home, they can easily clean themselves and be smart.
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Personal Hair Remover

Kemai Personal Hair Remover is generally used by woman for cleaning unnecessary hair face, nose, armpit, leg or any where of the body. This hair remover helps lady from young to old to stay fresh, smart and beautiful.Hair Remover makes the work most easier. And therefore lady hair remover widely known as persona hair remover has acclaimed worldly reputation.
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Hand Bag

Hand bag is essential for a woman daily life. Lady hand bag is used not only as a style but also for daily necessity. A beautiful ladies l handbag is used by a smart lady as a style well and for carrying essential things.  Different color hand bags matching with their dresses ornaments makeups make a lady really beautiful smart attractive acceptable adorable and honorable in the society. We have collected hand bags of different colors sizes and verities single, twin, 3 piece set, 2 piece set

Lady handbag 3 piece set of colors and quality fully leather.

Lady handbag 3 piece set of colors and quality fully leather. Of 3 pieces one big one medium one small, can be used differently as per requirement. Beautiful  hand bag a best quality can be choose by any one any level . Each piece can be used separately need and requirement
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2 PIECE LATHER BAG  Different colors are available on this online shop. All are nice to look at and proper for various use. Perfect for the one more smarter & responsive
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